Parker Scott Speaks About Fulham's Performance and Reasons He Chose Bournemouth

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Chelsea midfielder Scott Parker was Fulham first team coach in 2019 and his experience and strategy promoted the club to the Premier League.

Parker Scott came out on air saying that certain things happened in the club made him to take the decision, and he felt that it was best for the club to move forward.

He said in an interview that he understood both situations and felt that it was best for him. He was able to get the best out of Fulham during his era and unless certain things that he wanted came into consideration by the club. Furthermore, he didn't really think it was going to be the best for himself and the team.

He further said that Bournemouth showed keen interest in him, and he saw it as a great opportunity and definitely accepted the offer. The former coach, Parker Scott, is now the new coach of Bournemouth Football Club, and he is awaiting a perfect performance from the club under his era as a coach.

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