6Years After Man 'Chopped' His Wife In The Bush- This Is What Happened.

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Lord James of west FM in Elubo visited a couple who portrayed a dismal story to him. He shared their story on Adomfm late morning news today. 

This is their Story. 

Wahab Ahmed lives in Konkonja an Ivorian town that is near Elubo in the western area of Ghana. Numerous Ghanaians live in the town with the Ivorians. Six years back Wahab was trapped in a snare of the affection for a lady who is presently his better half. Their relationship was held in mystery and all endeavors to bait the young lady to his room stayed purposeless. 

One day Wahab welcomed the young lady out for a walk. The walk in the end wound up in a bramble and they continued to engage in sexual relations. The woman got pregnant and brought forth a Male child(Name retained). 

A year after the youngster was conceived, Wahab and his better half started to see that there was an off thing about their posterity. 

As per him, they took the kid to a fixation cleric who affirmed that the youngster is the thing that we bring in our nearby speech "Bosomba."The obsession minister said that their kid is the thing that he is a direct result of what they did in that shrubbery. The minister added that the spot was of terrible sign. He at that point requested cash to play out certain customs to fix their child. 

It's been a long time since the disclosure and Wahab have done whatever he could however his kid can't sit. He expressed that he has been to two interest clerics however none of them has given any assistance. Wahab spoke to the overall population to go to his guide. 

' If anybody knows somebody who can assist they with telling me.'- He argued.

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