"I Was Deceived By Him" - Maria Explains To The Wife Of The Man She Allegedly Snatched

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Cubana Chief Priest has continued to drop more pictorial evidence to corroborate his claims about Maria snatching his sister's husband. After posting pictures of the divorce papers that were recently served to Kelvin, Cubana Chief Priest posted chats Maria had with his sister concerning the trending saga.

In the leaked chat, Maria was seen advising the woman to work on her marriage and not pay attention to what is being said in the media. She said the woman should give Kelvin a chance and leave whatever she feels behind because he still loves her and their children and is willing to work things out.

Maria said she has no bad conscience as she too was misled by Kelvin. She claimed that she is feeling for her and the reason she is texting her is for her to work on herself and stop adding to the stress he gets from work.

Parts of the messages in quote reads;

" People make mistakes, disregard whatever you might have heard

Al that is in the past, please focus on him and your marriage

I have no bad conscience in this. I too have feelings and was misled. I am feeling for you and want you to know that he loves you and wants you to work on yourself

Work is stressful, your marriage should not add to his stress"Credit: Instagram/Cubana Chief Priest

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