Harmful Side Effects That May Happen To A Woman If She Takes Drugs To Be Curvy

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The need to get curvy looking bodies has pushed a lot of women into doing things that aren’t healthy or safe for them. Gone are the days when women preferred being slim, now the current trend is to look curvy. Social media has propagated the idea that a beautiful woman is one who is curvy. Because of this new beauty standard, women who aren’t born curvy have turned to procedures to make then curvy. For a very long time going under the knife was the most popular and fast way to get curvy, however, now there seem to be a cheaper and less dangerous alternative.

There is a new trend of consuming weight gain drugs to gain weight and become curvy. However, is this safe? Recently women have been consuming and abusing weight gain supplements in order to get curvy. These weight gain supplements contain vitamin B1, vitamin B3, vitamin B5, vitamin B6 and amino acids. Since they are supplements, they are not properly regulated. This has led to the use and abuse such drugs.

How do these weight gain supplement work?

It works by increasing appetite causing you to eat more and food and gain more weight as a result. When used under the supervision and guidance of a licensed health professional, these supplements pose no harm. However, when they are bought and used without prescription they can cause serious harm to the body.

What are the side effects of using such drugs?

A lot of women have reported that using weight gain supplements to become curvy has put their lives in danger. Some of the side effects of such drugs include dizziness, liver failure, diarrhea, nausea, coma, blurred vision and even death.

It is important for women to ask themselves if it worth risking their lives just to fit into a beauty trend that will fade away in the coming years. If you are eager to gain weight or look curvy, you can do it through a healthy process. Eating healthy and exercising regularly can give you the dream look you want.

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