Bodo Glimt vs Klaksvik Prediction Odds And Betting Tips 5/06/2022

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Bodo Glimt are the reigning champions of the Norwegian top flight and it needs to be mentioned that defense has been their hallmark for the past several match-days.

In fact, while they let in just 25 goals all through their previous league campaign, only one other squad in the entire competition had managed to keep it below 40.

As they welcome their counterparts for the day for this first leg of this crucial fixture, they will once again count on their sturdy back line in order to get the result.

It helps that they have been very consistent at home for the past several months and as an added bonus they have also scored goals in plenty at this venue.

Meanwhile, Klaksvik are the Champions of their respective domestic league. But it needs mentioning that they are from the Faroe Islands top flight which is considered to be one of the absolute worst tournaments in the whole of Europe.

They are grossly inexperienced and are not at all equipped to take on the Norwegian champions for this fixture, and that too on the road.

On the other hand, Klaksvik are clearly punching above their weight this Wednesday and to further reduce their confidence, they have scored total of just 3 goals from their past 3 away matches.

Considering these observations expect a victory for Bodo this Wednesday.

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