'We Will Create More Jobs' Please Don't be Fooled by ANC, They Just Want Your Vote

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Job creation and skills development are critical to empower the youth, addressing the formidable challenges facing our young people is our key priority ~ MYANCThis means any person over the age of 36 is not considered for job creation and skills development? If so, what is the point of the older people voting for the political party that does not care about them and discriminates against them? I feel sorry for youth who are going to be fooled with the empty promises,because they are going to wait until they also reach adulthood, whereby they will start experiencing deprivation from the government. What the nonsensical descrimination!The party is committing suicide.It is chasing away the adults that have been its lifeline for a very long time

What is a use of calling on these young people who will be assisting in schools when they won't continue paying their stipends?. This is merely a way to get them to vote, there is no proper budget for this. South Africans will see hell after the local elections, it is going to be very tough. They have R350 available and ending just next year, the public purse has dried up


We must be honest to ourselves now, SA can't be run under political power centralism. Let the people go on a referendum in order to decide on the autonomous provinces. It has been proven that an absolute power controlled by National Assembly majoritarian madness is not taking us anywhere. We must first demobilize that madness in the so-called parliament, and put in place a lean national executive structure that oversees the functions of the provinces. Handing over an absolute power to one political party delivers the current political madness and idiocy we are witnessing today. Many people keep telling me about the constitution, forgetting that even the Bible was once amended. This will free South Africa and save the future of our children and their children

Imagine how the constitution was drafted by a few and became some for the nation. The people are powerful to reach vox populi and come up with the kind of constitution they need. This constitution was done at particular time for a certain political landscape, and it no longer serves its purpose under the current political madness. The country is about its people not politicians and their delusional myths

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