If That Project Is Ill-conceived And Not Well Thought-out, We Can't Help But To Abandon It - A. Manu


A member of the New Patriotic Party (NPP) Communication team Akosua Manu has revealed that the Saglemi Housing Project has been ill-conceived and not well thought out, which is why it has been abandoned.

She made this revelation as a panelist on 'Good Morning Ghana' on Metro TV when she gave her opinion on the sorry state of the Saglemi housing project.

According to her, the project was badly executed by the NDC to the extent that no bank will give extra money to complete such a project because no sane person will buy such a house.

"I know they are concerns about the government coming in and abandoning projects, but if the project is ill-conceived and not well thought out, you can't help but abandon it." She said

She also said that the NDC who did this to us is now making videos about it and blaming the NPP for Abandoning it.

Akosua Manu concluded her statement by saying that we should be interested in finding the contractor who is nowhere to be seen, to come and complete the project for which he has been paid.

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