Objects That Can Easily Kill Your Child

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Parents are encouraged to buy a lot of toys for their children to boost brain growth and also keep them busy in their absence, but this can become dangerous to children because they have a tendency of swallowing objects which can cause suffocation.

It is important for parents to know it is not only toys that can choke your kids but also the following:

1.Polythene bags

When buying items from the supermarket it is most likely that they will be packed in paper bags. Ensure you store the polythene bags in a safe place; they can cause suffocation when played with.


The shiny nature of silver make coins look attractive to children. Their small sizes make it possible for children to swallow. Coins when swallowed can congest the trachea and kill your baby.

3.Assembled toys

Avoid buying toys that need to be assembled for children between 1 to 6 years. This small assembled parts are easy to clog your child's throat.

4.Razor blades

Keep razor blades and other sharp objects like knives, scissors away from children to avoid severe injuries.


Be cautious when sewing your cloths, pick any buttons that might fall in the floor.

Remember toddlers always put any object they come across in their mouth. Put away any unused buttons in a safe place.

6.Pebbles and pearls

Keep swallowable decorations and ornaments where children can not reach. Your children are at risk of being choked.


After organizing a big party at your place make sure the house is swept clean and all the bottle-tops are thrown in the trash.

The above are simple things you can do away with without breaking a sweat to avoid your child's unfortunate death, buy bigger toys to reduce the risk of swallowing.



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