Chelsea unveiled their home jersey for next season

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The much anticipated Chelsea home shirt for 2021/2022 season have been unveiled by the club today.

The shirt which as usual has blue as its dominant colour is guided by yellow by the side with the sponsors logo boldly inscribed at the front.

The players took turns to show off the shirt with Mason Mount, Hakim Ziyach, Timo Werner, Callum Hudson-Odoi, Caesar Azpilicueta all involved in the unveiling.

But amongst the stars who helped launch the shirt, better and who actually looked more handsome wearing it.

1. Hakim Ziyech, the fans may not actually love this design that much but if you look at how good Ziyech looks in it, you will sure be tempted to have one. 9/10

Hakim Ziyach looks good for next season

2. Mason Mount, he was at the forefront of the unveiling and he sure looked good in it but not like Hakim Ziyach 8/10

Mason Mount looks ready for the future

3 Christian Pulisic, one of the reasons many people all over the world will get this shirt is because it looks simple on the American, just like Hakim Ziyach, he gets a 9/10 rating.

Christian Pulisic just the way you like it

4. Caesar Azpilicueta, appears gentle and his jersey well stocked in, you can't hate this blue man in the new Chelsea shirt 7/10

Captain Caesar Azpilicueta

5. Callum Hudson-Odoi. He showed us how this club could be won outside of football world and it sure looked good in it 8/10

Callum Hudson-Odoi the pop star

6. Timo Werner, look away now Chelsea fans, the shirt looks not so cool on Timo Werner 5/10

Timo Werner not so sharp

Marcos Alonso, his fine height and good body physiques means he is a yes at all time for a good fit. 8/10.

Marcos Alonso looks good too

Who do you think looks better in this home jersey?

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