"I Have Stopped All My Acrobatics" Embarambamba Says

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Christopher Mosioma is a Kisii based musician whose musical acrobatics have gone viral in the recent days. Embarambamba hails from Keroka Town in Nyamira county. Embarambamba reported all this from Utawala Lounge that he has stopped including the acrobatics moves in all his videos.

Many people from all corners of the country have tried to call me insulting names. Because of may unique experience in dancing. Actually I am one of the artist who would to embrace my fans more than my haters. Including a unique challenges in your video sometimes can make you feel lively. Embarambamba said.

I changed from secular music to gospel music because of the glory of God. Nilianza nyimbo za Mungu Kwa sababu niliokoka ama nilipata neno la Mungu. Kuingia katika music wa Mungu imeniongezea baraka Tele. Embarambamba said.

This message can be translated as. I started engaging in gospel not because of any body but because of receiving the word of God. Most people have gone out calling me a mad man and others insulting words. Any way I have been blessed since I started the gospel music. During that period of secular music, I used to hussle alot. Therefore you can conclude that God has changed everything.

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