Reactions After A Man Publicly Cries Alleging That A Woman 'Ate' His Money

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A man has caused a stir online after crying out loud attracting passersby who gathered around him to hear what could have gone wrong with him. Online Kenyans too were treated to the unlikely drama as the video went viral.

According to online sources, the man was crying allegedly after a lady identified as Phoebe left him two months before her graduation. The reporter learned that both were in a relationship since 2019 when the lady was in college; the man catered for her financial needs and some days before the lady graduated, she abandoned him.

Online sources captioned the incident, "Woman named Phoebe amechapa huyu jamaa character development mbaya sana. A Luo man has gone viral for crying uncontrollably after his alleged woman left him two months before her graduation."

The man spoke in Dholuo where it is reported to have said, "Yaani Phoebe amekula pesa yangu. Yaani 620,000 kutoka 2019,2020,2021 na 2022," he said before letting out a loud cry amidst laughter from people who were surrounding him.

Several Kenyans aired different views concerning the man's scenario where some said he learnt a hard lesson while others scorned him adding that he needs to be disciplined. Some added that a man should not pay for a woman's school fees especially if they are not married.

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