How Thika Millionaire Woman Struggled to Make Ends Meet before Starting her Booming Cereal Business

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Business of Selling Cereals in Kenya

Josephine Njoroge is the chief executive officer (CEO) of Lemafix Limited, which specializes in cereals. Tanzania, Ethiopia, and Uganda are among the countries from where the entrepreneur obtains her goods. She has revenue of millions of shillings and employs 40 people directly.

Humble Beginnings

Josephine struggled to make ends meet before starting her business. For two weeks, she worked at KenBest Bakery, where she earned Ksh2,900. With the money she had earned, she approached Capital Industry and persuaded the company's management that she could sell them maize. They agreed to use her services. To complete orders, the young entrepreneur would go to farms with a can and fill bags with corn.

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She would return to the workplace after she had filled the sacks. She was also successful in finding a new buyer. Her modest firm began to turn a profit gradually, and the customers began to place additional orders.

Loan Acquisition

Absa bank intervened and asked Josephine since her business was thriving, they were willing to lend her money. She was first hesitant to take out a loan from a financial organization. However, after hearing about the perks and the extended payback plan from Absa representatives, she agreed. The CEO of Lemafix Limited was on a roll now. She was successful in obtaining grains from other East African nations.

She went from delivering maize in a pickup to a lorry that could carry a larger load. She expanded her portfolio to include rice, beans, soya, and other cereals after realizing she could supply more.

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She earned the trust of her key suppliers by operating honestly. They would occasionally offer her stuff in exchange for payment when she had the money. Her firm, like her consumers, grew over time. She claims she made roughly Sh10 million from the first Sh3 million loan. Among other grains, she now supplies beans, maize, rice, soya, millet, and groundnuts.

Is a Cereals Business Profitable in Kenya?

It is lucrative. If you establish and maintain the business properly, you can make a lot of money. Of course, your profits will be determined by:

How many clients do you have?

The venue where you are competing

The amount of money you have to expand your company, and so forth.

Her advice to aspiring entrepreneurs is to start with whatever resources they have. They must not disregard their little earnings. Instead of moving from one project to the next, they should concentrate on one subject and make sure it is well-established.


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