Akothee Jets To France To Visit Her Kids While Preparing For A Live Performance In Munich - Germany

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Esther Akoth, alias Akothee is one of the most famous social media influencers having good times in the entertainment industry. This iron lady does a lot of things online that help her to be on the screens all the time while increasing her fame. Akothee is a music artist, author and enterpreneur. She owns one of the top travel companies in the country that sponsor celebrities that book it for vacation purposes. She's also a mother of five children that she takes care of as a single mom thus earning herself the tittle of being the president of single moms.

Today is such an amazing moment for Akothee as she's travelling to Europe for an important event. According to her recent posts, Akothee has already jetted out of the country traveling all the way to Munich Germany. She's set to perform as an artist and author. Of course it's a big deal for her that will definitely increase her fame worldwide as well as her income. She has shared clips of her arrival while offloading her suitcases.

Before landing in Germany for her July 2nd performance, Akoth has branched to France to see her daughter and sons. In one of her posts she has missed her kids so it will be good to stay in France today and spend some time with them.

Check out the photos and drop a warm comment wishing her luck during her stay in Munich.

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