The Body Of A Matric Student Who Went Missing Was Found Murdered In The Bushes

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A BODY believed to be that of missing matric student Sisipho Mayile was discovered by the community members who alerted authorities to come and do the necessary investigations so that they can determine the identity of the person who they discovered, it turned out to be this young girl in a very unfortunate incident.

The whole incident is very heart breaking to members of the public because they have seen many of these incidences repeat themselves in public, and it seems like no law enforcers are not willing to stop it.

He body was discobered in bushes near Camphill bridge in Hermanus, this is a very unfortunate incident and what is more heart breaking is the fact that she was basically going to pursue a career when she unfortunately died, so it means she didn't get to see how well she did with her results and this shows how heart breaking it is that such an incident really happened.

Sisipho, a matric student at Qhayiya Secondary School in Zwelihle, went missing on Sunday, the community members put together efforts in order to find her where abouts because they had grown seriously concerned about her disappearance.

And knowing the way that the country operates and the criminality which is being perpetrated on a daily basis they grew concerned to such an extent, where they had no choice but to make efforts in order to discover her.

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