" IF You Are Going To Have Dogs Keep Them In Your Own Yard. Someone’s Dog Ate My Car " - Zamo

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If you are going to have dogs keep them in your own yard. Someone’s dog ate my car. Every time I look at it I want to cry.

This will probably shock many who will learn this today that some dogs are capable of eating or ruining cars, not because they are hungry, its probably frustrations and emotions the dogs are facing, remember dogs have their own wild side, they dont want to be tied up like they are not sane, they need to to be loose and free to do anything.

If you have seen or experienced this, lets talk and alert those who dont know much about dogs.

I have boerbols, if you don't take them out for walks or play with them they destroy anything in their site. Mine grew up riding the car so they respect it, but I replace the outside pipes from the bathroom every month. Some people confess that they have pitbulls and they eat their shoes, we don't know whats fascinating about shoes when it comes to pitbulls but from today just know that you cant have your shoes lying around pitbulls unless you have money to buy a pair every week.

" But there is blood in your car! You probably hit something on the road Meaning The dog did not just "eat your car"

Don't be fooled. My pitbull chowed all my TV remotes, ate at least 6 of my favourite CD's as well as some miscellaneous clothing items. These dogs are able to do some serious damage. Btw, they don't just break it, they eat it.

There are dogs that need to be very active. To release energy. If you don't take it for walks/ runs etc, expect some serious damage at home.

So you think she hit that something then she picks that broken pieces when she arrived home and took that picture.

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