Yvonne Nelson Causes Another Stir On Social Media With This Response To Kelvin Taylor's Backlash

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Famous Ghanaian actress, who has used her influence to demand accountability and competence from Ghanaian governments, became an issue of discussion after Kelvin Taylor slammed her, head to toe, for being a hypocrite. Many people expected her not to speak about the issue since "Silence is Golden".

However, Yvonne Nelson believed otherwise. She responded to the criticism but with an interesting style.

"I do not know who Kelvin Taylor is. Who is he?", she wrote on Twitter.

This is a big insult to the founder of Loud Silence TV and host of With All Due Respect. This is because if for anything at all, Kelvin Taylor has managed to make it to the top list of journalists who have fearlessly criticized governments upon governments irrespective of the political party he supports.

Thus, for Yvonne Nelson to ask that question or give that response, then Kelvin Taylor has not reached anywhere.


Check out the reactions from Ghanaians.

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