Faith tried to win her kids to be at her side in House of Zwide

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Faith tried to convinced everyone that the hypnosis done by the therapist to Nkosi is a witch and a scam too, because she was afraid that the truth is about to be unlock. She firstly talk with her daughter Zanele whether she see what she think about the doctor that helped Nkosi to deal with his nightmares. Zanele end up agreed that she understand also she is at her side. The therapist must go and never come back mom because she is the cause that the Zwide family are hurt.

Funani did not agreed with his wife what he said about the doctor, he even said that if it is to be gone to the bottom and the roots of the nightmares that attack my son let it be. We must find out that all these dreams come from. The therapist will come back to help Nkosi until my son can unpack all what it troubles him. Remember everyday Nkosi doesn't sleep, immediately when he closed the eyes to sleep the dreams come back. Also it does not end there he shout when he saw the man coming from my house holding my daughter Zobuhle.

Nkosi should recognised the face of the man who took my daughter and his appearance. After that Funani went to his office with a photo of her dead daughter Zobuhle. He called Laz to his office to have other opinion to what to do.

When Laz look to Funani's face he told him that I know is it about business or personal? Funani was not taking away from the his eyes from the photo in his hand. Laz said you know what you can do to find out whether Zobuhle is still alive or died on the day of fire.

After the meeting Faith called Isaac to inform him that they overuled her about the dreams and nightmares of Nkosi. Remember it was night while Molapo family were to go to sleep when Faith called. When Rea asked who is that Isaac lied that it is a client. Faith told him that we have a problem so we must meet soon to come out with the plan.

Faith told Isaac to figure out how to fix this whole thing. Isaac said no not me but you will come with a plan alone then he went back to their bedroom. Now the pope sal dans to Faith if Nkosi will remember the man he saw in his dream who took his sister. Also if Nkosi can be able to assure his dead that his sister is still alive so they will start looking for her.

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