Chizzy Alichi Calls Herself "Mama Ejima" As She Shares New Photos

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Mama Ejima is a name used to refer to a woman who is expecting twins or who has given birth to twins. It is an Igbo name as "Ejima" means twins. This is exactly what Chizzy Alichi called herself few minutes ago on her caption, as she shares new photos. It is a blessing to hear that someone is expecting twins or to hear that a person has given birth to twins. It is usually considered a good news and double gifts from God, as having twin babies is not something we come by every day.

Chizzy Alichi is a known movie actress. She is married to a man named Ugochukwu Chike Mbah. Chizzy is probably waiting for the day her baby will come calling. We are not really sure of what Chizzy Alichi meant when she called herself "mama ejima". Could it be that she is expecting? Well, your guess is as good as mine as we wish her all the best. Chizzy Alichi gave this caption while she shared new photos where she was seeing lying on the floor, with her both hands tied together in the new photos

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