Judge Chitembwe Shade Tears During The Interview Of The Chief Justice Position


The process of searching for the Chief Justice started on Monday, April 12, 2021, with a drama when one of the candidates Judge Chitembwe shaded tears answering the panel's questions.

Chitembwe is one of the 10 judges who are eyeing for the Chief Justice seat that was left vacant by David Maraga when he retired.

During the interview, he was asked by the JCS about the corruption case that was on his shoulder in 2009 and was unable to control his feelings when he was recalling the events.

The judge was charged with misuse of power when he was serving as the Secretary-General of the NSSF allegations that he refused.

While speaking about the case, Chitembwe said that judges should be able to ascertain if the case presented to them if its true or just rumours.

"If an accused person comes in front of you, listen to the person," he said while shading tears.

Chitembwe was forced to switch off his microphone for a few minutes when emotions became too much to handle.

The judge also defended his earlier ruling in the defilement case where he set free a man who had spent 20 years in prison for defiling a 13-year-old girl.

Chitembwe was the first candidate to be interviewed by the panel. 

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