" What An Afflictive Incident". A Student Did This To His Teacher After Failing Matric

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Gone are the days when most learners took heed to what their class teachers used to tell them. Nowadays learners reply to their class teachers in an impertinent way because they lack respect. Teachers live in fear because learners turned into monsters. They carry daggers and guns to school. Schools are institutions where they should be learning but nowadays they are drug houses. Learners of today are drug barons who distribute drugs even in classes while their teachers are present.

In the recent past, an afflictive incident took place at Phomolong secondary school in Tembisa. A teacher was shot and killed by a matric educatee ahead of a large number of people. According to a close source, the matric educatee drew out a gun and killed her teacher after failing matric. Today her kids no longer have a mother because of a ruthless educatee.

He is going to spend a long time behind bars. The dreams he wanted to achieve will also fade because when you are in jail, your dreams will halt until you get released. If the teacher was the one who provoked him why couldn't he just give her a silent treatment instead of killing her?

The incident horrified all the people who were at Phomolong secondary school. What kind of a learner carries a gun to school? This means a learner who does that is ready to kill anyone who steps on his/her toes without thinking twice.

This is the picture of a teacher who lost her life after being shot by an educatee :

May her soul rest in eternal peace!

To ensure that schools become safe places for all the learners and teachers, security guards have to be placed at all the schools. When security guards are there every learner including the teachers and visitors will be searched everyday to make sure that none of them is carrying weapons. The principals and the SGBs need to consider that.


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