Pain of a Sister: The Amount Tob Cohen Sister Has Spent in Seeking Justice

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The wound inside the heart of the late Tob Cohen's sister has not yet healed as she desperately seeks to find justice for her brother who was brutally murdered while married to Sarah Wairimu. With the case still in court and hitting headlines once in a while, the DCI has been working tirelessly to find facts in the matter and deliver justice.

But justice seems to be expensive. This is because of the amount the late Cohen's sister has used so far to find those who took her brother's life.

"Gabriele Hannah van Straten, the sister to slain businessman Tob Cohen, now claims that she has spent Ksh122 million in search of her brother's killers"

Here is how some Kenyans have reacted sympathizing with her. What do you think? Should seeking justice be that expensive?

Jasmine Musauh: May the wrath of God catch up with her brother's killers. Peace upon her.

Roselyne Mutsami: Remember if you kill by sword you will also die by sword. May God fight for you Kenya is toooooo corrupt.

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