A possible blow to juventus fans as Dybala may be sold

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Paulo dybala is an Argentine footballer and plays as an attacker for the italian side juventus.He is known for his incredible style of play and vital contribution to a team.He is a sort of player who enjoys playing with excellent midfielders like Andrea pirlo.Andrea pirlo is the new appointed coach for Juventus after maurizio sarri was sacked following a poor performance in the champions league.However Dybala might not enjoy that priveledge as Juventus are reportedly keen on selling the star striker.The serie A Giants were adamant on selling the star attacker despite any bid from any team.Reports from Gazetta says that the old ladies are willing to release Dybala to any team that can offer a sum of 100 million euros.

However some football fans are tempted into thinking Andrea pirlo might be the brain behind Dybala being put on the transfer list.But one major uncertainty is that,if a club will be willing to offer that huge amount of money on a single player,as the revenues of most club have declined as a result of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Many clubs such as Manchester United, Tottenham and so on have been on the run for him and so will not hesitate to stump such an amount for such skillful,talented and a quality player.

Ronaldo and Dybala have been clinical as the dual have contributed to juve's recent serie A title,as this will serve as a big blow to juventus supporters should the Argentine leave.Althought the move has not been sealed yet as it might pick up steam rapidly.

This is a story that fans all over the world should monitor .Do you think dybala's exit from Juventus can cost the club?

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