After Kano government destroys some beer parlor, see what Nnamdi Kanu said that stirred reactions

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The issue of some religion in the north is getting more heated, while some nothern states are battling with student wearing hijab to school, other nothern states are fighting against the intake of alcohol.

Earlier today, it was reported by some leading news channel that a beer distributor in Kano, has alleged that the state government alongside some police operatives destroyed some beer parlors within the state and also took away some properties belonging to the beer parlor.

Remember Kano is an Islamic state and some products are not allowed to be put for sale there. This news has left so many people in shock.

Just now, the IPOB leader and an activist, Mazi Nnamdi Kanu took to his twitter page to condemn the act.

He said, "As Kano Government destroys BEER parlors in Kano, next month it will be REWARDED with the HIGHEST allocation from the sale of BEER in the South. No amount of restructuring can fix such congenital insanity."

This simple act will only make the south get more sales, people will now travel down to state where they can satisfy their urge for alcohol.

So many twitter users has despise this act and a whole lot has reacted against Mazi's tweet, see what they are saying below;

Do you think destroying Beer parlors is a wise decision?

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