Meet The Youngest Footballer In History To Participate In A European Finals

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We all watched the European Finals (Euro 2020), with Italy coming out in victory as the Champions of Europe. EURO 2020 was indeed a competition that brought up too many drama, watching all the big teams getting knocked out from the tournament.

EURO 2020, featured many young football stars who are pursuing their dreams, goals and ambitions into becoming great footballers and writing their names in the history books. Some of the young lads featured in the competition are players like Phil Foden, Kylian Mbappe, Mason Mouth, Reece James, Chiezza, Billy Gilmore, Ben Chilwell, Bukayo Saka, Zinchenko and many more whom we all watched in the just concluded Euros.

But one particular young talent made his international debut and his first appearance in a European Finals.

Meet Kacper Kozłowski, a Polish professional footballer who plays as a midfielder for Pogoń Szczecin.

Kacper now holds the record, beating Jude Bellingham to become the youngest player in the European Championship. The Polish international is now the youngest player in Euros at age 17 and 246 days beating England's Jude Bellingham who is also 17 years old and featured in the competition.

News source: madeofnaija12.

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News credit: madeofnaija12.

A competition of such nature, which featured young talents who are the future of the game is a big boost to many other rising talents.

What do you have to say about the young potentials who participated in the European finals.

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