What you should know about Buhari's new plan to improve the lives of teachers

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Muhammadu Buhari: What you should know about the new Nigerian President's plan to improve the lives of teachers

Buhari said he would build houses for teachers

Teachers in Nigeria have benefited from International Teachers' Day, with the president announcing new measures to improve their lives.

On the occasion of World Teachers' Day on Monday, October 5, President Muhammadu Buhari of Nigeria announced new plans for teachers including higher salaries, increased retirement age and the construction of housing for teachers in across the country.

The president said teachers were the cornerstone of the development of any country that developed its education system, adding that teachers were building children and their lives to be better for them and their country.

Buhari said he was aware of the plight of teachers and the challenges they face.

The president said his administration had developed a new plan and reforms to improve the teaching profession in Nigeria, and this was to encourage teachers to be more effective in their work.

Buhari approved new initiatives to address the problems of teachers as follows:

Graduates will be encouraged and encouraged to embrace the teaching profession

The creation of a new government system provides an incentive for students studying to teach at Universities

Guaranteed to get a job directly once they graduate

The TEFUND is responsible for teaching and learning.

Those who are most diligent in teaching will be given greater importance

New special salary structure for primary and secondary schools

Expatriate teachers and science teachers will be paid a stipend

Introduce a new special pension scheme for teachers

Increased retirement age to 65 and teaching age for teachers from 35 to 40

Provide special arrangements for teaching work and train teachers

In addition to these new initiatives, the Nigerian President also approved an additional initiative to improve the lives of teachers to empower them, as follows:

Teachers' homes will be built in the cities

Teachers are trained every year

The President's Award will be extended to schools and teachers in a variety of fields

In Nigeria, the education crisis is worsening, with almost a year of teachers going on strike.

Contrary to many countries around the world, teachers are valued for being the backbone of society, but teachers, especially small schools, have long complained that they are being bullied.

Lack of teacher training has led many Nigerians to flee the teaching profession. Those who are supposed to teach, are not the ones teaching in Nigeria.

Many stakeholders in Nigeria's education system do not send their children to public schools except for private funds, due to the deteriorating state of education in the country.

Of course, if the government keeps its promises to improve the lives of teachers, some see change.

But will this affect teachers in Nigeria's states where the problem of education is exacerbated?

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