RIP, Guy From The Royco Advert Allegedly Died From Covid19

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Kenyan households with a TV set are familiar with the Royco advertisement that features a chef, his wife and their two children.

Below: a screenshot from the Royco advert

The chef in the Royco advert goes by the name Mutodi Neshehe. He is from South Africa and he sadly passed away on July 1st but the family did not disclose the cause of his death. Below is the statement his wife Leslee Dalton issued on her social media to announce his demise:

Prior to his death, his wife had posted on her Facebook page a week ago suggesting that the actor was experiencing Covid19 complications. South Africa is currently battling Corona's third wave, and there are no enough hospital beds for everyone. Below is the post Mutodi's wife made explaining his condition at that time:

Mutodi was a renowned actor in South Africa and he was 46 years old at the time of his untimely death. He had also participated in many commercials, both local and international.

Below: a screenshot of one his commercials with Royco brand back in 2011

May he rest in peace. Find below some more pictures of him and his beautiful family:

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