"Utajua Hujui" Diana Marua Drops a Night Shocker Revealing How Much She will Be Charging Per Show

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Barely two days after Diana Marua, musician Bahati's wife released her first single, she is now trending again after it was revealed how much she will be Charging for a single show.

Diana launched his new rap single in a colorful event where a huge number of musicians from all walks of life attended.

Hours after the song was uploaded on YouTube it hit a high of 350 thousand viiews within a single day.

However Diana now identifying him self as (Diana B) has revealed how much she will charge if you need her in your show.

"Why Are People Shocked at My Rate Card??? Just 850,000 Ksh??? Kwani Wasanii Wanalipangwa Pesa Ngapi?



Ann.. Komarock modern hospital come for ur client , she is almost running mad please hurry , this sedimentary rock though imetusumbua niaje

Pauline... Staki kuongea muanze kusema pauline akona wivu ati amesema bahati na watoto ndo watakua wana attend show ya diana wacha ninyamaze tu

Rosa... Sina mengi ya kusema ila niliskia eti 'Mavazi ni ya cardi b ila sauti ni ya Ben Githae...umekuja sana bana...ata Zuchu halipishangi hyo pesa yote...you should come slowly on this bcos Sisi Hatupangwingwi😂

Hetman.. Madam you have only only song that we know, people who have albums don't even charge that much. Tell whoever is lying to you that anakuharibia hii kitu. Will you be putting this one song on loop during shows so that you get that 850k? Well, let's keep our fingers crossed for your next track

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