Nollywood Actresses Who Are Very Old And Still Single

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Nollywood Actresses have been entertaining the world for ages, and many people have their favourite actresses. Many of them likes playing the role of a wife in movies, but some of them are not married. Some of them are surpassing the marriage age, and they don’t bother. We are going to list some of them, and we will see their present ages.

1. Rita Dominic.

She works as an actress in Nollywood, and she has featured in many movies. She has played the role of a great wife in movies, but she is not yet married. She has a lot of money, therefore she should be finding a man of his own. 

Rita Dominic has a beautiful face, and many men would be fighting for her love. She has reached 44 years old, and she will be celebrating another birthday very soon. World health organization did a research on women, and they concluded that 45 year is the age for menopause.

Rita Dominic will be reaching menopause soon, and she doesn’t have a family. Many people have been talking about this matter, and they could not understand Rita Dominic's reasons for being single.

2. Genevieve Nnaji.

Genevieve has a lot of wealth, and she has appeared in the list of the wealthiest actresses in Nigeria. She started acting long ago, and she has become famous in Africa. She has acted as a wife in many movies, and she has won many awards in that role. 

She always acts as a good wife, and she always take care of her family in a movie, but in she has not found a man in real life. People should always treat marriage with respect, because it makes both partners to be committed until death. 

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