"You Can Sack The Ayew Brothers From Ghana Football But The Name Will Still Remain" - Rahim Ayew

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Ghanaian professional footballer, also former Black Stars player, Ibrahim Abdul Rahim Ayew, also known as Rahim Ayew has stated that the name "Ayew" will still remain even when they (the Ayew brothers) are being sacked from Ghana football.

Rahim Ayew on one on one interview with Kobby Stone on Adom TV stated.

Speaking on criticism against the Ayew brothers, Rahim Ayew said the Ayew family is not bothered by criticism.

The Ghanaian professional footballer, Rahim Ayew explained that, he and his other brothers are not bothered by criticism because there's a big difference between his life and that of the person who criticise the Ayew brothers.

He said there's no need to waste time on such person.

Rahim Ayew also responded to a supposed agenda by someone to kick out the Ayew brothers from Ghana football.

According to Rahim Ayew, he said anyone who wants to sack the Ayew brothers from Ghana football can go ahead but the will still remain.

He said even after some years the name will still be there as no one can erase what God has written.

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