Wife To Mystery Murder Victim Says He Always Got Agitated Whenever She Asked Him What He Does

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Police are still piecing up information about the mystery Murder of a man in Kasarani in what is believed to be a deal gone soar.

The 50 year-old Man who was killed in broad daylight on Monday by an unknown gunman is said to have been involved in criminal activities whereby he could collude with young girls in stupifying revelers.

In the vehicle where he was killed, seven identify cards of different people were found, wallets and laptops.

Some of the identity cards have already been traced to their owners who have confirmed that indeed they were victims of stupifying.

The police managed to talk to some of the members or the Man's family with his brother saying that he saw him last seven years ago and he never told him the job is does.

His wife of 17 years told the police she too didn't know the kind of a job her husband did because Everytime she asked him he got agitated.

Despite the man having five Cars, the wife only knew of two which were being driven by different girls.

The police are still in hot pursuit of the killers of the man to ascertain the motive behind the killing.

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