Some female Ghanaian teachers advice young Ladies to dress decently

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Some female Ghanaian teachers are of different views about female dressing.

Louisa a Past student of Accra College of Education who always storm the social media with her stunning but decent dressing is of the view that dressing shabby to expose most part of your body does not affirm that you are beautiful.

She emphasized that a decency in your outfit as a lady makes men respect you and won't have certain mindset of sexuality and approach towards you.

"Your look is paramount to the type of man you want in your life" she said.

However she advised both young and old ladies to dress with decency in public because "most times you represent what you wear".

Meet Rebecca a young Pretty and smart teacher.

In an interview with Rebecca about female dressing,She made a funny but factual comment "Women who dress Shabbily only attract sex scavengers not responsible men"

She said she believes that even when you dressed in the longest apparel as a lady or use blanket to cover your self from head to toe, men will definitely locate your glamour so it isn't necessary exposing your vital female body part to the social media to get attention.

"I am not judging any female for dressing shabbily but l only advice that my fellow women should dress well to cover the private parts of their body"

She added that just as Gold is precious yet it is covered and hidden under the earth, so is every woman who dress decently.

How about Belinda ? Neat, intelligent and confident young teacher who never take her dressing for granted.

Belinda did say, "my conscience won't allow me to wear just any kind of dress to the public or display on social media, Even my profession won't tolerate that"

According to Belinda, she has to dress well and decently to set an example for the people in her community as well as her students.

Dressing to expose your hidden body part as a female will only aroused people especially men's desire for sex but not to love you.

She stated that, she believes so much in the grace of God to get a love one and to keep your relationship alive but most of the relationship problem started the first day the man meets you because of your appearance in a shabby dress. You sexually attract the man the first day you meet with your body exposed but not love

Don't wear what you suppose to wear in your bedroom to the public and on social media !!

You may have fun today with your exposed body publicly but Posterity await you for judgement.

Make a moral judgment when you want to dress.

What is your view on these female teachers advice ?

Is it because of their profession that they are decent ? Or there is a need for decent dressing as ladies.

Please leave your comment ,like and share.

Thank you for reading.

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