Social media asked what's happening after this guy was captured with large sum of my money: Video


According to Facebook, there was this video that has been trending on the social Media platform where buy this guy can be seen with drawing a large sum off cash from an ATM, and according to their social media platform, a Facebook page by the name of Mzansi Stories, there was a question regarding this guy actions on this ATM.

The question reads as follows according to the picture taken from Facebook "what is happening here? Somebody balance me." According to meet you too, can someone balance may 2 regarding this video that has been trending all over social media that's why I have shared the video link below this article.

You can see that this guy have a stash of cash on this ATM, as you watch the video you will notice this guy taking out there large sum of paper money out of the ATM and flipping them around, and then calls back and take out another large lump sum of cash again.

Here according to this picture, you can see he's holding another lump sum of cash on his hand but still goes back and paying attention to the ATM again and when will look at the video here he withdraws another lump sum, while holding the lump sum on his other hand.

If you want to watch the video I have provided the link below, maybe you might have the answer to the question from social media what it is asked.

Source: Facebook

Source link:


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