3 reasons why joining of forces between kingpins of Western is huge political gain to Raila side

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Two days ago 2 political kingpins of Western joined Ruto in his presidential bid. Although they termed it earthquake, it is a big add to Raila side.

Here are three reasons why it's big boost to Agwambo

1. The former prime minister has kept his eyes and efforts on gaining followers in Mount Kenya region. His efforts has bore fruits to some limits because DP has had huge followers in same region. People from mountain expected Ruto to have running mate from that area but he seemed to have changed mind on joining with Luyhas. Raila will use to this to show Mount Kenya people that Ruto has betrayed the hence gaining many follower

2. Just like other years, ODM leader Raila has lots of support from western region. He is going to accuse Mudavadi of betraying people of western has having big turn up on his sid

3. Breaking of OKA principals give Kalonzo and Gedion an option to join Raila since he can't stand alone. This will enable Baba to penetrate Ukambani and Rift valley region in more easy way easy way.

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