"Inaongeza Urembo na Nguvu za Kiume "- Abel Mutua's Latest Post That Has Left Kenyans Talking

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Abel Mutua is a celebrated personality in Kenya. He is an actor and he rose to the limelight when he made his debut in the local show 'Tahidi High". His prowess in acting has enabled him to create a big brand for himself thereby attracting various endorsement deals with corporates.

Abel Mutua has been a good content creator on YouTube matched with his eloquent story telling techniques and with this he attracts a large audience for his contents which always go viral.


Abel Mutua is always a funny man and he has warmed the hearts of many people with laughter from his creative contents. He has taken the internet by storm from the latest post in which he has been spotted carrying a placard whose writings has created a social media buzz.

In the latest post, Abel Mutua was alerting his fans that he is dropping a new film and he plans to sell over 50,000 links so that he alongside his production crew can come up with another film.

The placard writings ..."Please buy our film, Inaongeza urembo na nguvu za kiume .." which mean that by watching the film, women become more beautiful while men will be good in bed.


Kenyans have expressed their excitement towards Abel Mutua's creativity in advertising his film.

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