"Wewe Ni Hustler", Fans React To Betty Kyalo's Latest Instagram Post

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Betty Kyalo has taken to her Instagram account to announce her latest side hustle. She revealed that she was quite excited to see herself on Heart The Band's new music video. Jaber has gained alot of popularity and acceptance from Kenyans. The band decided to shoot a second video that featured Betty Kyalo as their brand ambassador. Betty was spotted wearing a beautiful traditional attire.

Betty Kyalo, Willis Raburu and Heart The Band [Image|Courtesy]

Fans went ahead to express their opinion over the matter. Most of her fans praised her for the new business venture. Others were quite thrilled to see the new video and inquired on when it would drop. However, some of her fans aren't happy about it. Betty Kyalo was once a successful journalist who decided to dive into the entrepreneurial world.

Betty Kyalo [Image |Courtesy]

Betty Kyalo [Image|Courtesy]

Below are some of the screenshots of what fans had to say about this matter.

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