No vaccine, no registration says the University of free state

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Unvaccinated students will not be able to enroll in the University of the Free State (UFS) site after February. 

 This was revealed by the Covid19 Vaccination Guidelines approved by the UFS Council on Friday. 

 President and Vice-President Francis Petersen said the university does not force people to vaccinate, but has the right to request vaccination if anyone wants access to the site. rice field. This policy will come into effect on February 22nd. "This policy stipulates that the university will not force anyone to vaccinate, but the university has the right to request vaccination if it enters the facility's premises to protect staff and students," Peter said. Mr. Sen said. 

 "UFS is a boarding university that requires personal commitments from both staff and students, and its operational requirements include staff, temporary contract workers, and students in large groups in three locations. Must be exposed on a regular basis. We have a fiduciary responsibility to ensure a safe and compassionate environment and to fulfill our campus health and safety obligations. Return of staff and students to campus. Whenever possible, staff work from home, with the exception of the basic service and academic staff needed to support students on campus. "The feasibility of consistent remote work and research conditions does not correspond to UFS culture and strategy. Blended learning approaches are supported, but online learning alone is the quality of graduates and students as a boarding university. It negatively impacts the experience we have to provide, "said Petersen staff, students, and temporary contract workers who tested positive. For Covid 19 since the start of the national blockade. Due to the complications and death of Covid19, the pandemic has isolated many people, tested positive, or became disabled. 

 "Politics believes that the entire university community can help make responsible decisions about vaccination."

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