Pictures. See what Messi did for the poor boy who worn a plastic Lionel Messi shirt


When it comes to sports, particularly football, there are no social boundaries. This game brings people together from all walks of life, regardless of their financial circumstances, age, or skin color.

When we look at history of sports, we can see that some people came from poor backgrounds but, due to their dream and enthusiasm for the game, they are now among the world's best footballers, earning money they never dreamed of. And, thanks to modern technology, some people with a passion for football are able to gain celebrity in a blink of an eye. And that is exactly what happened to Murtaza Ahmadi.

Murtaza Ahmadi is an Afghan boy who has been playing football since he was able to walk. His goal was to wear a Messi football shirt and grow up to be like him. But, since he comes from a faraway place and comes from a poor family, the dream was impossible to achieve because his father even lacks the financial resources to purchase Messi's shirt for him. Despite this, he clung to his dream and continued to play the game.

His father, on the other hand, came across a blue-and-white striped plastic bag that resembled an Argentina football shirt and decided to make something for his son out of it. He took it home and wrote Messi's name on it, as well as the legendary number 10. He gave it to his son, and Ahmadi was overjoyed.

Murtaza's brother posted a photo of him wearing the plastic bag with Lionel Messi's name written on it on Facebook. Messi met the boy after the photo went viral, and there were embraces, selfies, and joy. He then proceeded to present him with a ball as well as a sign shirt.