40 passengers escape from bus explosion from the yesterday without much casualty.

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More than 40 passengers got away from safely after the Guardian Angel transport they were going in burst into flares in the Buoye region on the Ahero-Kisumu road.https://youtu.be/ZrXf2kRevI8

It was going to Nairobi from Busia when the episode happened at around 5.45 am.

The reason for the fire has not been laid out.

It was established that the back tire of the transport bursted.

Kisumu province police administrator Alphonce Kimathi said the transport bus was carrying 45 passengers and no losses were accounted for.

He said the officials and firemen raced to the scene to contain what is happening.

"There are no injuries and officials are on the ground," Kimathi said.

When of going to press, the police supervisor noticed that the fire fighter were all the while doing combating out the fire.

Travelers who were escaped securely remained along the street in shock as they watch the firemen attempting to extinguish the fire.

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