United Showbiz discuss Pastor Agyin Asare's Comment on the movie industry


Today we are here to share another episode of your exciting show United showbiz. The program was hosted by your regular show host Nana Ama Mcbrown. The show hosted Ola Micheals, Kofi Asamoah, Arnold Asamoah Baidoo, Salinko as the panelist.

The topic of discussion was Pastor Agyin Asare's comment on the movie industry. The pastor said our movie industry has not progressed and it can not compete in the world. He explained that our movies are below standard and it's only one action movie he watched that is up to standard. He admonished them to tell and sell Ghanaians stories to the world.

Mcbrown asked Kofi Asamoah his thoughts on this issue. Kofi congratulated the Pastor for drawing attention to the movie industry using his platform and his advice for the industry. He didn't agree with the pastor on Ghanaians not telling their stories. According to him, our stories are told every day in our movies but he agrees that our movie production is not top-notch.

He said those who believe in telling stories about Nkrumah, Yaa Asantewaa, and history, in general, are limiting themselves to only one genre of film.

Ola Micheals also congratulated the man of God for using his platform to discuss pertinent issues relating to the movie industry.

He said it is obvious from the movie the pastor used as an example in the statement made that the man doesn't follow our movies again and as such he lacks current information about the industry. According to Ola Micheals, the problem is funding. Many of the stories we want have been scripted but no money to produce them.

He even gave an example of a scripted story for yaa asantewaa which requires an amount of six million dollars to produce. This has remained a script because of the amount involved. The movie made is what our budget can afford.

Arnold Asamoah also thought the problem with the industry is funding. He explains that comparing us to China, India, and Hollywood is not possible because of funding. He recounted some of the mistakes Indians and Chinese used to make which have now faded away because of their partnership with Hollywood.

He also said we don't have sophisticated tools to act the action movies as they do. Salinko also added that the movie the pastor referred to was sponsored by the Germans. Therefore it still boils down to funding.

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