A Deadly Accident Occurs in Kisii

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An accident has occurred today afternoon along Kisii keroka road involving a private car and other vehicles.This was reported a few hours ago in a Facebook .Accidents in Kenya are now on the rise while citizens are pleading with the government to put on measures to avoid these fatalities.Drivers have been warned severally of observing road safety but some violate these rules.Sadly it happens to strike their dead ears when they least expected.Most of them end up ignoring until when they become a victim.Its high time all and sundry driving becomes cautious and watchful so as to avoid minor accidents that lead to fatalities.

Some people reported to be injured were rushed to the nearest hospital while the number of those dead is yet to be confirmed.All people approaching the place are advised to take caution until everything comes back to normal.Investigation by police are currently underway as we await their final say.Feel free to comment,follow and share for more news updates.

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