RIP: Pain And Grief After Two Teenagers Die In An Accident


Parents have always been advised to be careful and take care of their children. However, some of them give their kids car keys and buy them cars not knowing that it may lead to issues. Some of this teenagers take advantage and go partying thinking that they would be able to drive themselves to school.

An Accident happened along the Southern by pass after teenagers hit an electric poll. Three of them have severe injuries while two others lost their lives on the spot .

This was posted by Sammy and on his post he wrote, "I have seen a video of a terrible crash which happened yesterday along southern bypass involving 5 teenagers,2girls and 3 boys who were drunk while driving..

The sad thing is that they hit an electric pole killing 2 of them on the spot while 3 are in a critical condition. I'm sorry i can't share the video because it's too graphic..

Parents,Why are you giving your teenagers CAR KEYS ??......Hata kama ni kupenda watoto wetu please let's be careful Sana.."

Here are some of the comments:

Kim: Sir Sammy, Southern Bypass ni area ya home…….... & kids (teenagers) are dying like one week old chicks especially on weekends koz of over speeding under the influence of alcohol and other substances. Why the hurry in this life 😡

Marryan: I'm sorry to say this but if they were not drunk I'm sure this might not have happened, beeing a teenage isn't what caused that accident, even grown people cause accidents while drunk, may their souls rest in peace and the ones who are in the hospital I wish them quick recovery.

Debuke: In Nakuru a fortnight ago, similar incident occurred in Kabarak University gate. Why do parents risk giving car keys to kids?

May their souls Rest in Peace

Vennesa: Sometimes they take the keys without the parents knowledge or permission.It's not entirely parents' fault.I have a friend whose son took the key and went out...hit a vehicle .The mum was called to come for his son and pay for damages.Nobody knew that the son knows how to drive.

Ateru: Where I used to live previously,some primary school kids used to drive recklessly and park big cars.At times these kids hire vehicles.They own 120k phones,10k shoes and many followers on you cant tell them anything.Kababa and kamum generation parents

Kevin: The kababa and Jayden generation won't listen to any advice, instead they will think you are trying to deny them their rights