"Just To Clarify this, the guy on the pic isn't me" - Jub Jub

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Molemo Maarohany or rather referred to by his stage name Jub Jub, who's a musician and the host of Moja Loves's controversial reality show Uyajola 9/9 has some explaining to do as a picture he uploaded left Mzansi confused.

Recently, Jub jub posted a pucture of a man that looks like him on his page. The man is in bed with an unknown girl with " just to clarify this, the guy on the pic isn't me".

If you look at the picture, the guy looks like Jub Jub and fans aren't buying what he's selling. Some even say the head and haircut are like that of Jub Jub, but the 40 year old TV personality says he only posted the picture because many people were asking him about it.

Jub Jub dislikes infidelity, so would he really do the one thing he hates the most and advocates against? Especially that he's a married man.

What do you think? Is it Jub lamaswit'amaningi?

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