Good News: Kitale National Polytechnic Students To Begin Online Classes On 6th April


Despite the closure of learning institutions across the country, Kenyans are on the move to cope up with the new normal. Few days ago the president issued an address outlining closure of all learning institutions including Universities among other higher learning institutions.

Physical learning was also brought to a halt interfering with normal learning in the various institutions.

With the current situation in the country, things are seemingly taking new shape. The Covid-19 pandemic is a blessing in disguise to most institutions in the country. Moving to a technological world seems inevitable with learning institutions entwining the move.

Kitale National Polytechnic is already in the swing matching with other institutions who have already embraced online learning.

Just like the University of Nairobi and Kenyatta University who were the pace setters in smooching the change, Kitale Polytechnic has left it's students in energetic moods after following the footsteps of their predecessors.

In an internal memo dated 1st April 2021, the institution has allowed candidates who were to sit for their exams in July/August period to register for the KNEC exams.

In a well documented memo from the exams officer, the students will be required to kick off the exercise on 4th April. Registration will be conducted in shifts depending on the departments as per the details from the memo.

On March 31st, another detailed memo from the institution by the school principal stated that students will begin online classes from 6th April. Many students received the news with uttermost joy thanking the institution for the move. A segment of them expressed their gratitude following the step taken.

In this new normal, change is inevitable and embracing technology will be the order of the day. Below are some comments and reactions on what the students said about the move.