Opinion: Secret To Use Before Dating Your Friend's Ex.


Have you ever been attracted to your friend's Ex. If so, what's was your move. Most people find it weird to be in a relationship with their friend's Ex. But what they should know, it's normal to date your friend's Ex.

Before dating your friend's Ex, ensure you know these secret. You have to know the estimated time the two had dated, your friend and the Ex. After knowing that, multiple the time twice.

For example, if the two had dated for a year, you should try to date the Ex after two years. If the two dated for a day, try it after two days. If the two dated for a hour, try it after two hours. Lastly if the two dated for ten years, try it after twenty years.

Note, don't shorten the time. To most people these opinion might seem awkward. What's they should know, before dating your friend's Ex, ensure she/he illed from the last relationship.

The above might be another secret to know before dating your friend's Ex. But it's a lower trick because it's hard to know if the Ex has illed. Hope these opinion might help you.

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