How To Remove Colour Run Stains From White Clothes With Home Remedies


Colour runs are a wash day nightmare, that stray coloured dark sock makes it into a white wash or the colours on a striped t-shirt bleed into each other. Colour runs happen because loose dye from dark or bright coloured clothing mixes with the other clothes in the during the wash cycle.

A stray red sock or a new pair of jeans will inevitably slip through the cracks now and then. That's why learning how to remove colour run stains from clothes with home remedies and a few hero items is always useful, so you're not stuck with that pink shirt or baby blue underwear indefinitely.

Colour run can be avoided in the wash by sorting clothes by colour before washing them or washing new clothes or those that are more susceptible to colour run (such as red items) separately. This will eliminate any excess dye that would otherwise run in a daily wash.

If it's too late to avoid, here's how to handle it. Even if you've made a collection of cricket whites into cricket pinks, knowing how to strip color run from white or multicolored clothes means you won't be stressed.

If you don't have access to a decent stain remover, a home remedy will help you get rid of stubborn colour stains. Here's what you can do:

Soak the stained region in a tub of cold water with a cup of distilled white vinegar. Often inspect a small area of clothing first to make sure it won't be harmed by the vinegar. After that, wash as normal. If you prefer, you can substitute lemon juice for the white vinegar, but make sure to patch test the fabric first.

Put the clothes back in the machine for another wash or hand wash until you're happy with the outcome of your colour run procedure. Check to see if the stains are absolutely gone before hanging them up to dry or placing them in the dryer (and only then).

Note: If the stains are not completely gone, do not dry or pop. This may keep the stain in the clothe forever. 

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