Why is there a huge disparity between death toll in Gaza and isreal conflict?


We are all concerned about children being killed in this conflict.But we should also lament the fact that innocent civilians of different ages are caught in the same conflict.

Some of the reasons why there's an increase in child death include;

1) Hamas are based in an overcrowded Gaza strip and hide among civilian population.Isreal is going to hit targets of military significance and tragically,civilians including children are going to be compromised.That is what is cynically termed as "collateral damage".

Gaza is also intensively overcrowded and the Palestinians have high birth rates.More so their condition are often dire with one in three Palestinian children in Gaza suffering from malnutrition and having post traumatic stress disorder(PTSD).There is no hiding space in Gaza.

3) Children might be killed because they have been perverted by hatred from there mothers.And the children knowing no fear,they deliberately put themselves in harms way.Killing will stop when Muslims love their children more than they hate Jews.

4)Hamas uses civilians(including children)as human shields.Children in Gaza might be killed and injured because one in seven Hamas rockets fail and fall in Gaza.

5) The Isreali defence forces has a hard time attacking and killing militants without killing innocent bystanders.This isn't neccesary by design,it's just that people overestimate both the military capacity of the IDF as well as their morality.Its about reaching goals.If there's an enemy firing rockets into Israel,the enemy combatant must die.Isreal normally warns them in advance before any strike.If his children,his wife,freinds and neighbours are near him,so be it.Isreal would argue that "all is fair in love and war,and its either them or us".

Lastly,the man below is Sheikh Yassin.The founder of Hamas and an arch enemy of Israel.The attack that killed him and his body guards also killed several of his grand children.Isreal knew they were present as he was rolled out of the mosque in his wheelchair.The man was a terrorist,he ordered massacres and suicide bombings.But his grand children didn't deserve to die.A quick solution should be found to end this conflict.Thank you.

Jonemike newshub-gh@operanewshub.com