You can be in Abena Korkor's situation. Learn more about her condition.


Ghanaians were shocked to the bone when Abena Korkor, a beauty with brains, released her nude videos online. People questioned what, on earth, would force such an established, television show hostess and an entrepreneur to engage in such a disgraceful, immoral act. The truth remains one; irresponsible of your status and achievements, you can find yourself in her condition. It is better to know now than wait till it destroys you.

Bipolar disorder is a mental illness characterized by excessive mood swings. Victims face a severe trouble putting their acts together wherever they find themselves. There is no known cure. However, there exist many treatment options to help manage the condition. Doctors do not really know the exact causes of the disorder. Despite this setback, the probable causes include abnormalities in brain structure, extreme stress, physical illness, traumatic experiences, or hereditary.

It is difficult to diagnose the condition because of its varied symptoms. Let us picture how the disorder affects the person. The symptoms can be classified into three: The first is termed mania. It is marked by feeling emotional high; the person gets excited, impulsive and shows full energy. Victims may result to drug abuse, unusual sexual activities and spending sprees. Another symptom is the mood swings. The last is the depression that sets in. Victim may feel hopeless, uninterested in any event, get little or too much sleep and constantly think about suicide.

She is going through a lot and we need to support her with our prayers.