A page of my friends Diary (fiction)


Short story

Blaze input.


I had just woken up very early in the morning. ..last night was terrible. ..I went out with my friends to a party, I didn't want to go but I had to please them...I called Cassandra my best friend on the phone...

She didn't pick up. WEIRD..

Cass always picked up my calls even before it rang twice..I guess I must be over thinking she must be asleep..I took my bath and had my breakfast...my mum was in the kitchen. ..but she wasn't cooking she was on the phone...

I greated her and took off, we lived together but we weren't really close she was always busy with business and my dad left when I was three...well on getting to school I didnt see cass...she was always early before me..when I sat down..I decided to search her locker for one of my notes which I gave her..I had a spare key for the lock soo I had easy assess. ..why searching I saw torn papers in her locker.

Cass when did u become soo untidy..I thought picking them up I saw a page of a dairy. ..it was half torn but it was a dairy page all right.

Opening it up it had cass handwriting on it..

It was this...

"In this life I have had enough to put up with...mum and dad always fighting, Dad's always beating I and mum...and now some thugs in my street has done things to me...I hate my life I hate this earth..I cant live like this any long...God if your out there why are this things happening to me...I have lost my chastity I feel like a rag...I feel used I wanna die...tommorow I will stand infront of the morning train...that death will be painless n fast...I can't leave like this anylonger I..."

After I saw this I became frightened it was 7:00am the morning train starts to move around nine...I had to reach cass fast before she makes a mistake...am soo scared tears are in my eyes just picturing cass being crushed by the train. ..this cant happen...could I save her in time?

(What do you think can cass be saved?

If cass was your friend what would you tell her..)u tell her..)

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