In Shock|| Man in a taxi claims to be selling water used to bath Corpses to people. See why

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Man just confessed in from of a whole Taxi that he sells water that have been used to wash Corpses. Allegedly the mortuary Boos does not pay him enough and therefore has opted to making a side business where he sells the water for a certain price in order to sustain his life. This came as a shock to Mzansi because people where not aware of the scary scenarios that happen in mortuarys.

Tweeter users on the comment section also claimed to have known about this way before. Apparently the people that buy this water from mortuaries use it to bring luck into their establishment. This may be a form of praying the fruit and vegetables that are being sold by the VAT vendor's, they allegedly also use the very same water to cook sheep head. Sounds like we've all consumed the water, one way or the other.

Pastors allegedly also use the water in churches, also the restaurants we go to use it. Will we ever be safe? Scary stuff indeed. AmaBishop once mentioned this on their show that people uses dead peoples water to bring luck into their businesses. It is also said that criminals use the very same water to scam and rob people successfully.

Publics opinion:

Dead peoples water is multipurpose, multifunctional and also effective. If people have declared this a successful business, it clearly works for them in so many ways. APPARENTLY pastors use this water to blind their congregation and thus have a large following and have people donating blindly to them. You find a person giving away his salary to a pastor that time he/her is living hand-to-mouth.


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