Prophet Kofi Oduro: God Will Judge Those Who Murdered Leticia, So The Family Should Be Rest Assured.


Prophet Kofi Oduro is a dynamic and prolific preacher, who is the founder and head pastor of Alabaster House Chapel. He is one of the favourite preachers in Ghana. He is popularly known for his comments on national topics and also criticising bad leadership.

Some months ago, he was trending on social after he complained on his Facebook live about how the cost of living in the country is very high.

About a few hours ago, he went on his Facebook live to comment on the recent issues happening in the country and he stressed on the case of Leticia Kyere Pinaman, the 14 years old girl, who was allegedly killed and hanged after.

He said that he would not believe that the girl hanged herself until the police are done with their investigations and he wants to tell the family of the child that they should rest assured that God will judge those who murdered the girl. And he knows it is very painful to raise a child to that age and someone uses just a few minutes to take her life away.

He also spoke about the fact that most cases of these sorts are left unsolved because the people involved are not popular and he believes that one day, justice will be served.

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